Boys Only Classes

HIP HOP - Anything goes in our hip hop class its all about the attitude and the fun. Learn dance moves from some of the greats such as Michael Jackson, Usher, Soulja Boy and many more with their iconic moves and ability to make dance look good.

TINY TOTS - is a fun and exciting dance program for 3 to 6 year olds. We cover Jazz, funk and tap all in one class. Your child will learn various dance exercises along with free movement and dance routines. Dance classes are a great way for children to keep fit, develop fine gross motor skills, improve coordination and most importantly have fun. Your child will learn to play character roles, dancing in time to music and free movement.

DRUM - Rhythm is a part of our every day life. Everyone has rhythm and drumming is a wonderful way to enhance your rhythm. Our ensemble will give you the opportunity to experience African music and culture with some Australian influences.