BALLET - is an excellent style for deportment, technique and gracefulness. We teach RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) ballet syllabus, with fun structured classes and exam prep classes. You can chose to complete exams or just study for the love of ballet

HIP HOP - Anything goes in our hip hop class its all about the attitude and the fun. Learn dance moves from some of the greats such as Michael Jackson, Usher, Madonna and many more with their iconic moves and ability to make dance look good.

JAZZ - Learn jazz dance moves and dance routines from popular movies and Broadway shows. If you are not sure which style you best fit we recommend Jazz dancing it combines the technique of ballet, the funk of hip hop and musicality of tap.

SINGING - Learn to sing to enter competitions, or learn to sing to increase your vocal range, or simply learn to sing for fun. We offer group classes, which are excellent for making friends and working together and private lessons for more individual sessions.

TAP - This is one of the most iconic dance styles and here at MNM we study Glenn Wood Tap syllabus which is a dynamic style that teaches students the fun of tap. Students who study with us learn to appreciate tap and form a love of the style. Glenn Wood tap prepares students for a professional future or just a an excellent technique base for the love of tap

TINY TOTS - is a fun and exciting dance program for 3 to 6 year olds. We cover Jazz, Tap and Ballet all in one class. Your child will learn various dance exercises along with free movement and dance routines. Dance classes are a great way for children to keep fit, develop fine gross motor skills, improve coordination and most importantly have fun. Your child will learn to play character roles, dancing in time to music and free movement.

DRUM - Rhythm is a part of our every day life. Everyone has rhythm and drumming is a wonderful way to enhance your rhythm. Our ensemble will give you the opportunity to experience African music and culture with some Australian influences.



Tap dance classes are fun and a great way to get fit. A key ingredient of tap is balance, so it's great for those looking to improve their posture. Many of the steps involve keeping your bodyweight over your feet which means using your deep postural muscles - the muscles that wrap around your middle like a natural girdle. This not only improves posture in your lower back, but also helps you develop a flatter stomach

Barre attack class uses simple Ballet technique and strength training to give you a beautiful long and lean ballerina body. The Ballet technique works the entire body to tone your arms, legs, gluts and abs and increase your cardio endurance. The class aims to improve posture, balance, strength and flexibility. The class is suitable for all ages and levels.

Yoga works the body inside and out, it targets the entire body; physical, emotional and mental. The benefits of yoga include: improved posture and alignment, better body awareness, improved flexibility, improved core strength, builds muscle strength, better bone health, increased blood flow and circulation, boosts immunity, regulates adrenal glands, improves balance, helps you sleep, improves digestion and releases endorphines. The class is suitable for first timers to the experieinced.

Jazzercise is a class that incorporates dance with cardio. Using the latest music, the class is a fun, upbeat fitness/aerobic class which is suitable for all ages and levels.

Zumba dance is a great workout to burn those calories. Our Zumba classes fuses Latin rhythms with easy to follow moves that are fun and exhilarating. Zumba dance is for all ages and levels.